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Meeting February 2009
Alexandra Aragao: Recent Legal Developments in Portugal
Gyula Bándi: Hungary Questionnaire and Recent Development
Ari Ekroos: Finland: Recent Development in Environmental Law 2008 - 2009
Ilona Jancarova: Recent developments in member state environmental law - Czech Republic
Jan Jans: Minimum Harmonisation and the Role of the Principle of Proportionality
Ludwig Kraemer und Marco Onida: Significant new developments in EC law in 2008
Richard Macrory and Sharon Turner: Recent and Forthcoming Legal Developments: United Kingdom
Massimiliano Montini: Italy: Recent Developments Environmental Legislation: Update 2008
Yvonne Scannell: Ireland 2008: Some Major Developments in 2008
Bernhard Wegener: Report 2009

In Answer to the Questionnaire
Alexandra Aragao: Portugal
Ari Ekroos: Finland
Ilona Jancarova: Czech Republic
Ludwig Kraemer and Marco Onida: EC
Luc Lavrysen: Belgium
Richard Macrory and Sharon Turner: United Kingdom
Massimiliano Montini: Italy
Peter Pagh: Denmark
Yvonne Scannell: Ireland
Agustín García Ureta and Ángel Manuel Moreno Molina: Spain

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